Instant Access to Covid-19 Response Jobs Across the US

The importance of effective communication between healthcare workers looking for ways to help and the places where help is needed inspired the team at LiquidCompass to create a new search on the LiquidCompass homepage that provides quick access to COVID-19 related jobs across the country.

The majority of jobs posted under the COVID-19 category are currently for RNs in the areas of Intensive Care, Emergency and Med Surg, as well as significant needs for Respiratory Therapists and LVN/LPNs. While the numbers are not as high for other roles, there are still needs in Lab, Pharmacy and Radiology as well as for Physician Assistants and CNAs.

It’s easy to search by location and see where the biggest needs are if you have the flexibility to move around. If not, you can enter your home address and see jobs in your local area. You can also narrow the search based on specific criteria like specialty, experience requirements, shift and even see if there is bonus pay associated with the opening. If there is an employer you are interested in, that is easy to search as well.

No one knows at this time how big the demand for talent is going to be during this pandemic, or how long it will last. As things continue to unfold you can use LiquidCompass to monitor how job openings are changing day by day. Remember too, just because a job is not tagged as COVID-19 response, it does not mean that your skills are not very much needed. In response to the pandemic, many healthcare employers have been actively closing job postings that are not their most urgent. Nonetheless, there are high demands for healthcare workers across the country. In the LiquidCompass job marketplace, you will find hundreds of thousands of jobs employers are anxious to fill.

As individuals, communities, the nation and the world witness our healthcare workforce responding with an abundance of commitment and skill to this complex and unpredictable situation, perhaps there will be more and much deserved recognition of not only how they respond in a worldwide crisis, but a better understanding of what they do every day, helping the sick and injured among us. 


The LiquidCompass Team