Nurse to Nurse: 7 Activities for a Self-Care Routine

“Think of yourself as a bank account, you can keep spending, but if you don't put something back in, you're going to end up in a serious deficit." - Wendy Mason PhD, Purdue University 

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Falling in Love with Nursing, Again: Rekindling Motivation and Meaning in Your Work

People become nurses because they care. Nurses pursue this career because they feel motivated to care for others, to help people through difficult times. Some describe their pursuit of nursing as […]

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Is NICU Nursing Right for You?

Neonatal intensive care nurses (NICU) often work in a fast-paced environment requiring a vast amount of skills and critical thinking. NICU nurses provide a voice for the tiniest most vulnerable […]

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Is OR Nursing for You?

Have you ever wanted to view a heart beating inside a person’s chest? Or to be part of the team racing to save the life of a critically injured patient? Do you thrive in high-pressure situations? […]

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Is Critical Care Nursing for You?

Do you love being where the action is?  Do you thrive in complex situations? Do your observation and problem-solving skills shine? Are you drawn to technology, machines, gadgets? Do you respond to […]

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Compassion Fatigue: Recognize It and Address It in Healthy Ways

Maybe it hits you one day in the ICU, where you’ve been caring for COVID-19 patients since Day One, or walking into the room of a new patient after report: Why does this all feel robotic? Why is […]

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First Impressions Matter: LOIs and Cover Letters

So, you've identified a job you want. Now you need to take all the steps you can to get it. First impressions matter, so starting off on the right foot sets you up to stand out from the crowd and […]
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5 Tips to Help You Quickly Adapt to Being a New Nurse in the ED

Congratulations you got your first job in the Emergency Department (ED). You’re going to be where the action is and that’s exciting, but getting started…”It’s like drinking from a fire hose!” This […] read more