Job Search: Los Angeles

This week we are highlighting some amazing opportunities in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We found a variety of jobs with great benefits in world-class institutions. Read through the jobs we […]

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Compassion Fatigue: Recognize It and Address It in Healthy Ways

Maybe it hits you one day in the ICU, where you’ve been caring for COVID-19 patients since Day One, or walking into the room of a new patient after report: Why does this all feel robotic? Why is it […]

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5 Tips to Help You Quickly Adapt to Being a New Nurse in the ED

Congratulations you got your first job in the Emergency Department (ED). You’re going to be where the action is and that’s exciting, but getting started…”It’s like drinking from a fire hose!” This is […] read more

The Surprising Benefits of a Career in Long-Term Care Nursing

Working in a long-term care facility often gets a bad rap in the nursing community. LTC nursing sometimes is viewed as a low-prestige option, where nurses rapidly lose their skills and mainly sit […]

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4 Things Every Nurse Should Know About Negotiating a Salary

When you’re scrolling through job postings, you probably scan for several pertinent facts:
  • What organization posted the position
  • What unit the opening’s on
  • Geographic location of the opportunity
  • […]
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Advantages of Magnet Nursing

Magnet recognition is widely recognized as the gold standard in nursing care. Healthcare organizations who hold Magnet status attract and retain some of the most talented nurses, foster a […]

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Considering a Move to Nurse Manager? Here’s What You Should Know

Maybe you have been charge for a while or find yourself frequently filling in for your charge. Maybe you’re getting restless with bedside nursing and are looking to move up the career ladder. Maybe […]

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7 Resume Writing Strategies for New Graduates in The Healthcare Industry

Congratulations! You've worked hard over the past few years to earn your degree and are excited to leave school and put your new skills to work. You have high hopes for getting started and may have […]

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His Name Was Patrick: The Birth of the Meaningful Recognition Movement

The level of gratitude that family and loved ones feel when they have gone through a significant loss with the support of professional and compassionate nurses is hard to describe. There are many […]

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